Gluteal Tendinopathy is an abnormal hip condition which causes pain, inflammation, and difficulty in movement. For better understanding, we have to dive a little deeper. When gluteal tendons get damaged or irritated then you suffer from gluteal tendinopathy.

Today in this article I will talk about tendinopathy type and will also tell you about treatment option related to gluteal tendinopathy. You will also read about one interesting natural compound that CBD and how this compound can help in treating gluteal tendinopathy.

More About Tendon Injury

CBD In Gluteal Tendinopathy
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The main functions of tendons are to connect the muscle to your bone and give support in joint movement. Tendon injuries occur around your joint such as wrist, shoulder, knee, elbow, and ankle. Overuse or a sudden blow to the joint area is the main cause of tendon injuries. People who are involved in different sports are more prone to tendon injury such as gluteal tendinopathy. Tendinosis is the most common form of tendinopathy in which you suffer from pain and inflammation.

Symptoms Of Gluteal Tendinopathy

The common symptoms are as follows-

  • Pain and tenderness in the joint area
  • Swelling in the affected area
  • Stiffness along with pain
  • Limited joint movement
  • Warm sensation in the hip area
  • Tingling sensation in the thigh area

All About CBD In Gluteal Tendinopathy

CBD is the magical compound which is helpful in fighting with a different disease such as anxiety, bipolar, depression, chronic pain, skin disorder, herpes, and many more. CBD is a pure and rich natural compound which is completely safe to use. There are a number of people who are claiming the benefits of CBD.

When you are suffering from gluteal tendinopathy then the use of CBD can provide you relief from pain and inflammation. It will also calm your muscles and stress caused by gluteal tendinopathy.

Other Benefits Of CBD

Fights with pain:

CBD is rich in the antipain property which relieves pain and inflammation. When you use CBD, it regulates your endocannabinoid system and lowers down the chemical reaction which causes pain.


CBD has certain properties which destroy cancer-causing cells. CBD has the potential to stop the growth of cancerous tumors.


CBD is sedative in nature which calms your mind and soul to improve your sleep. Use of CBD will also improve your irregular sleep patterns.

Skin disorder:

CBD is rich in antioxidants which eliminate toxins and dead skin cells. It also promoted the growth of new skin cells.

Is CBD Safe To Use?

This is the very first question which comes in any new CBD user. CBD is a completely safe and organic chemical compound which is obtained from industrial hemp plants. In CBD, there is no THC which makes this chemical compound completely non-psychoactive in nature. In simple words, you will not get high by using CBD. CBD is legal in 50 countries which makes it available to a large number of people.

Summing Up!

There are different CBD products which you can use such as CBD oil, facial serum, soap bars, topicals and CBD beverages. You can also use CBD infused capsule and E-juice. The capsule is the quickest way to get benefit from CBD. Below, I have mentioned the review of CBD user kindly take a look into that.

Kristy I:

have heel pain and it’s the worst when I wake up in the morning like I’m limping pretty much out of bed. After my first dose at night, I woke up and 70% of the pain was gone. I did not limp at all and I actually got really great sleep as well. Totally 10/10 recommend! No more pain pills!


I’m post op spinal fusion, with active degenerative disc disease, so chronic pain is a constant for me. I was cautiously optimistic about this product, based on reports from friends, and I was thrilled to find it helps me.
I’ll keep buying CBD oil from Thought Cloud and hopefully, I’ll be able to come off S8 pain relief! Great product!!! I would definitely recommend.


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